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Photos of Bodie State Historic Park,  California

an historic gold mining time frozen in time

where is it? 15 miles East of the 395 between Reno, Nevada
 and San Bernardino, California at an elevation of around 7,000 ft.
(may be closed due to snow in winter)

Waterman S Body (also known as William S Bodey) discovered gold here in 1859
by 1879 the population grew to 10,000 with over 65 saloons
the climate was harsh; there are many graves of young children buried in the cemetery
The last mining resident left in 1944,
and there are many buildings (and contents) left behind, some in almost original condition.

Visiting the Bodie State Historic Park is like travelling back in time, I really enjoyed my visit
to this ghost town.

An absolute bonus (I was there in November) was the spectacular view that can be seen from the road
driving in of the snow capped Yosemite National Park mountains (best photo B4 12 noon) towering to over 12,000 ft.

Bodie Miners Hut with tin can roof

Bodie Miners Hut with Stovepipes

Bodie General Store

Seat Outside Bodie Hotel

Bodie Gold Stamp Mill

1927 Dodge Graham Truck

Bodie School Classroom

Bar in Bodie Hotel

Bodie Cemetery Grave Markers





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