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Photos of Monument Valley

including Navaho Tribal Park


where is it? On Highway 163 between Kayenta, Arizona and Montezuma, Utah

Monument Valley is located within the Navaho Nation.
The Navajo people are the largest group of Native Americans  in the US
and numbered over 290,000 in the 2000 US Census

Navaho Tribal Park entrance is on the Arizona-Utah State Line, however
entering the park will not give you access to all of Monument Valley;
significant and spectacular Mesas and Buttes abound
north in Utah as well, which can be viewed from HWY 163.


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Mesas and Buttes in Monument Valley

Close-up looking south
from Highway 163 approx 13 miles north
of the the Arizona/Utah Border

West Mitten Butte
lit up by the afternoon sun

Four Photos of West Mitten Butte
taken while walking around it

West Mitten Butte
with sun behind

Mesa Silhouettes Just Before Sunrise

Navajo Hogan or House

Sentinel Mesa, Monument Valley

The Three Sisters, Monument Valley

Monument Valley Butte in Utah

East Mitten Butte,
Monument Valley

Yucca Plant, Monument Valley





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