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Trial Harbour, Tasmania, Australia


Trial Harbour was the first harbour to be used on the West Coast of Tasmania
in the late 1800s

It was so named because of the boat the "Trial" which sank in the harbour
This harbor was used to drop off settlers and to provide the materials for the rapidly growing mining industry
which exists on the West Coast to this day

In it's heyday there was a 2 story hotel and 200 people living there
Nowadays just a few holiday shacks remain

I had a wonderful experience staying at the free campground
with a million dollar view of the rocks, sand and rolling ocean with
2 metre waves crashing on the shore

Rarely does one get to stay in such a remote area,
and witness the primitive beauty of Mother Nature
I will remember my night in Trial Harbour with fondness for many years

And my warmest thanks to the people who run the History Room
for their warmth, hospitality and the half dozen eggs for 2.00



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Trial Harbor Hotel

Unloading Goods
 from 3 Ships, 19thC

Newspaper Clipping
 about Trial Harbour 19thC

Pacific Gull on the beach

Creek Near The Free Campground

Free Campground With a Million Dollar View

Crayfish (Lobster) Pot

Blandfordia Bushes with some Wild Roses

Old Holiday Shack

Tasmanian Tiger
(Thylacine) Embryo