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Tarkine Wilderness, Tasmania, Australia 

Where is it?

 in the North-West of Tasmania, Australia
from the Arthur River in the north down to the Pieman River in the South,
bounded by the West Coast and the Murchison Highway to the East


The word 'Tarkine' comes from one of a number of bands of Aboriginals that lived in the North-West Region of Tasmania. The 'Tarkiners' were a group who were based at Sandy Cape.

The Australian Heritage Commission describes the Tarkine as "one of the
world's great archaeological regions" due to the number and significance
of  aboriginal sites, many of which pre-date the pyramids.

There are descendants of the Tarkiners still living on Flinders Island in Bass Strait.
The Tarkine contains the second largest tract (over 377,000 hectares) of temperate rainforest on Earth (second only in size to that in British Columbia, Canada). Temperate Rainforest is the rarest of the rainforests, and more highly threatened than tropical and subtropical rainforests.

The Tarkine satisfies the entire cultural and natural heritage criterion which
makes a property suitable for inclusion on the world heritage list. It is currently under consideration for inclusion in The UNESCO World Heritage List.

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map of Tarkine Wilderness area

Julius River Camping Area

Arthur River

water weathered
log on bank of Arthur River

black water and white foam swirls - Rapid River

Tannin Tinted
Rapid River

Rapid River
with blue sky reflection

Rapid River Rocks

Rapid River Bridge

Sink Hole Near
Rapid River

Fern in Sink Hole

Tree Stump
at Milkshake Hills
Forest Reserve

Lake Chisholm
with a Little Mist

Lake Chisholm
with Blue Sky Reflection

Lake Chisholm
with Tree Reflections

Lake Chisholm Ducks

Spectacular Palms
in Lake Chisholm 
Forest Reserve

Old Growth Trees
in Lake Chisholm
Forest Reserve

Moss Covered Lichen
in Lake Chisholm
Forest Reserve

blank space

reserved for a photo from my next trip (can't wait to go back)

Donaldson River
surrounded by tree colour

Donaldson River from the Bridge

Donaldson River from the Bank

Donaldson River -
Other Side of the Bridge

Tarkine Wilderness Flowers

Savage River
Near Corinna

Arcadia II on the
Pieman River at Corinna

Waratah Falls