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Mount Kaputar National Park

where is it: about 30 kms north-east
of Narrabri on the Newell Highway, NSW

The mountains in Mount Kaputar National Park
are the remains of active volcanoes in the area from 20 million years ago


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rich sunrise near Parkes, NSW on the way to Mt Kaputar National Park

view of the Nandewar Range in Mt Kaputar National Park as seen on the road from Narrabri, NSW


view of the Camels Hump from below

over 150 metres high, this cliff face stands out of the mountain-side, on the road just past Camels Hump

Camels Hump as seen from Doug Sky Lookout

camping at Dawsons Creek near the summit of Mt Kaputar is the best I have seen in Australia, with hot showers in this immaculate amenities block

Sawn Rocks as seen from the creek bed below

close up of Sawn Rocks

these remarkable rock patterns are created when molten lava cools slowly enabling individual crystals to form and take shape as the lava shrinks as it cools


end view of solidifed lava crystals, with my hat in photo so you can get an idea of their size


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