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Kosciuszco National Park

New Photo Added Feb 2015

a beautiful and pristine alpine area of mountains, rivers and lakes,
inhabited by skiers and snowboarding enthusiasts in winter and
bushwalkers, trout fishermen in summer
...photos taken in Spring 2002;
note: that in winter some of these areas may be inaccesable by vehicle due to snow

where is it:
in southern NSW, near the Victorian border,
about 8hrs drive from Melbourne and 6hrs from Sydney


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a beautiful grove of ferns on the way to Geehi Reservoir

another grove of ferns deeper into the valley

Paddys River Falls

Recently Added

2 wild brumby horses and foal
seen crossing the highway on Elliot Way just after sunrise

young kangaroo
with mother feeding in the background
at Eucumbene River

Photo of a 7ft high adult male kangaroo just north of Providence Portal

nice reflection
at the Tumut River

 I just had to include this nifty camp stove created from an ammo (ammunition) box
made by Mario from Albury

this "wild"duck kept turning up for meals at my campsite near the Talbingo Reservoir

View of Mount Townsend
) which is in the Snowy Mountain Range

(Mt Kosciuszco, Australia's highest peak - 2,228m is immediately behind)


close up of snow melting near Perisher, on the way to Charlotte Pass


water doesn't get much purer than this!

melting snow beside Spencer's Creek, just south of Charlotte's Pass

popular trout fishing spot at sunset, Three Mile Dam, 3kms south of Kiandra, in the north end of the park

beautiful moment at dusk, with sunset mirrored on the surface of Three Mile Dam, just after a trout rose leaving concentric ripples to spread across the pool

kangaroos at Geehi Rest Area

the large roo second from left was the male of the mob of over 30 and would have been between 7-8ft in height

these kangaroos are quite used to humans, allowing you to approach within a few feet of them

the Geehi Hut, beside Swampy Plains River at the Geehi Rest Area

this hut was built to last, constructed from round river stones cemented together

Bogong Creek

in full swing carrying water from melting snow-fields


pristine eight mile creek
on Elliot Way between Tumbarumba and Cabramurra


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