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Photos taken in Katherine Gorge ,
Nitmiluk National Park,
Northern Territory, Australia


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morning mist on river
near Springvale Homestead, just out of Katherine

Blue Winged Kookaburra

has a call like a human laughing, catches small rodents and snakes with that sharp, strong beak


view of Katherine Gorge
during the dry season
(as opposed to the wet- season, when the water level would be about 20 metres higher)

photo of wall in one of the Gorges, rising to over 20 metres high

Fascinating Aboriginal paintings,
over 12,000 years old


more Aboriginal paintings,
these paintings painted over time and again by succeeding members of the tribe to preserve the original painting/drawing.

What's the definition of determination to survive?

this palm tree could be one


a striking photo of one of the Katherine Gorge Walls


lone canoist enjoying his time paddling up one of the most remote gorges on the planet



The first cattle station in the Northern Territory was begun by a Dr Brown from England in 1877.

The property consisted of about 360 square miles. This is one of the original buildings - the roof has been replaced to protect the rest of the dwelling.

The cattle staion has since been broken up, but it was a great experience staying in a motel room on the property, now called Springvale Homestead, about 8kms out of the town of Katherine on the Stuart Highway.