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Saltwater Crocodiles

where are they?
in Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory, Australia

all crocodiles were photographed in their natural habitat.
Adult males can reach up to 23ft (7metres) in length, females are smaller attaining 10ft (3 metres)
The Australian Saltwater Crocodile is the largest crocodilian species on the planet and can exceed 1,000 kgs (2,200 lbs) in weight.
Males exceeding 17ft (5 metres) are rare, however during my Jumping Crocodile Cruise on the Adelaide River, I saw 2 crocs over 17 ft.

Every year crocodiles kill humans in the areas they inhabit in Australia, but it is mainly due to the stupidity of humans rather than the crocs.
Stories of a man going fishing by a river at night taking a shotgun for protection,
only to find the shotgun on the bank in the morning (with no fisherman in sight ) unfortunately are common.

click on thumbnail to see large photo

medium sized crocodile
jumping for food displaying its legs and cream coloured underbelly

I was about 8ft (2.5 metres) away when I photographed this 18ft saltie


two juvenile saltwater crocodiles
soaking up the sun on a mud bank beside the Adelaide River, about 60kms from Darwin

check out the razor sharp teeth on this croc!


another huge 18ft (800kgs - 1800bs ) saltwater crocodile on the banks of the river


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